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As a True Crime Writer and Legal Expert, Aleida has appeared on true crime shows and has been honored for her award-winning stories.

Aleida appeared on the national true crime reality series Snapped, which profiles the riveting true stories of individuals accused of shocking crimes.

Snapped, Season 24, Episode 7
Diana Lovejoy

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Diane Lovejoy

A contentious divorce and custody battle lands one father in the crosshairs of a sniper.

Winner of Best Brief

University of San Diego School of Law

Alumni Tort Competition

Winner of True Crime: Case Files’ true crime writing contest. “The Murder Trial of Regina Johnson: She Killed Her Husband, But Did She Kill the Daughter She Loved?”

What really happened in the Johnson home on a terrible May day that left two people dead? According to the prosecution, Regina Johnson ambushed and executed her daughter and husband, and then “left them to rot for three days while she thought about how to get away with it.” The defense maintained Regina shot her husband, but only after he killed their daughter during a violent family argument. Did Regina love her daughter way too much to ever harm her?

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 Winner of True Crime Writing Contest

   True Crime: Case Files Magazine

“The Murder Trial of Regina Johnson: She Killed Her Husband, But Did She Kill the Daughter She Loved?”

Aleida appeared on the popular paranormal investigative series The Dead Files to talk about the brutal murder of a 13-year-old girl. Who would want to harm a sweet junior high school girl and why?

The Dead Files, Season 9, Episode 12

Evil Descends – Murrieta, California


Aleida was a special guest on House of Mystery radio show to talk about her true  crime writing and the Regina Johnson murder trial. Regina killed her husband, but did she kill the daughter she loved?

The second most listened to true crime radio show in the United States